Fotografe Substantia Jones is de bedenker achter The Adipositivity Project. De wat?! Een fotoserie waarin mensen die niet zo slank zijn als het heersende schoonheidsideaal op een manier in beeld gebracht worden die je eigenlijk nergens ziet, dus. Bijvoorbeeld naakt met hun partners. Allemaal vanuit het idee dat we ons definitie van fysieke schoonheid wel wat mogen oprekken. [NSFW foto’s]

Dit is wat Jones zelf over het project te zeggen heeft:

The Adipositivity Project aims to promote the acceptance of benign human size variation and encourage discussion of body politics, not by listing the merits of big people, or detailing examples of excellence (these things are easily seen all around us), but rather through a visual display of fat physicality. The sort that’s normally unseen.

The hope is to broaden definitions of physical beauty. Literally.

The women you see in these images are educators, executives, mothers, musicians, professionals, performers, artists, activists, clerks, and writers. They are perhaps even the women you’ve clucked at on the subway, rolled your eyes at in the market, or joked about with your friends.

This is what they look like with their clothes off.

Some are showing you their bodies proudly. Others timidly. And some quite reluctantly. But they all share a determination in altering commonly accepted notions of a narrow and specific beauty ideal.

Bookmark and check back often, as new photographs are added regularly(ish). And please help spread the word about The Adipositivity Project. Part fat, part feminism, part “fuck you.”

Hieronder een selectie van haar foto’s, maar neem als je even de tijd hebt ook een kijkje op haar portfolio pagina. Ze is ook op Tumblr te vinden.

The adipositivity project foto’s

The Adipositivity Project: The Latest &emdash;
Each year I photograph fat people with their partners for The Adipositivity Project’s Valentine Series. ‘Cause ain’t love grand?

The Adipositivity Project: The Valentine Series &emdash;

The Adipositivity Project: Adipositivity Prints &emdash;

The Adipositivity Project: 2011 &emdash;


The Adipositivity Project: The Latest &emdash;
Sometimes Valentine’s Day isn’t about romantic love at all, but about sisters, compadres, besties. It’s about having the sort of friend who’ll shop with you for matching underwear and pose in it on New York’s Highline. Those are often the best Valentines.

Squad Out.